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Ready Set Go offers a variety of class programs that make learning gymnastics, cheerleading and all around sports, challenging and fun!

Class tuition is $75 a month for the first child, each additional child will be $70 a month.

All class registration is conveniently done online through our Parent Portal. Simply click the Parent Portal tab to enroll in your preferred class!
Classes begin August 21, 2023 & will end July 31, 2024.
Tuition is drafted on the first business day of each month. If you wish to drop your enrollment, we require a two week written notice prior to the month you wish to drop.





Our Recreational Classes are for children age 5-17.  We offer classes in trampoline, tumbling, cheerleading and sport readiness. All classes are 55 minutes.
Recreational Trampoline and Tumbling

These classes are designed for the beginner up to our most advanced student. Our instructors will be working with each individual student based on their ability and skill level using proper progressions for skill acquisition. Students progress to the technical stage of instruction at their own natural pace. 

Sport Readiness

These classes include speed, quickness, and agility drills along with activities to build core body strength, upper body strength, and progressions for making your body move in the most efficient manner. Our sport readiness classes are great preparation for basketball, football, baseball, and many other sports. Gymnastics based activity is an excellent way to develop young athletes spacial awareness, which is a critical element in all sports and enhances cognitive development.


Tumbling classes focus on all of the elements of floor exercise. As with our trampoline and tumbling classes, instructors work with your child based on their skill level and will progress at their own pace. Our tumbling classes are great for athletes who want to increase their tumbling skill work on a variety of floor surfaces ranging from rod floor to cheer floor to dead mats.

Cheer Combo

Our combo classes focus on the basics of cheerleading and tumbling. With our future cheerleaders in mind, we focus on jumps, pom pom work, dance, beginner level stunts and all the basics of tumbling. These classes are a great way to prepare any athlete for school tryouts. 


Conveniently register through our parent portal by clicking the link below!



​Our Preschool Program offers classes designed to encourage gross motor development, fine motor development, and social skills.
Parent & Tot (ages walking to 3)

These classes are designed to encourage learning with the comfort of having mom or dad in class! These classes focus on learning, simple social skills such as waiting your turn, working with others, taking verbal instructions as well as social interaction. This setting is a great opportunity to help your child feel more comfortable in the gym and make an easier transition to independent classes.

Preschool Classes (Ages 2–5)

These classes are designed to encourage participation, cooperation, and increase social behavior. Using creative themes, we spend each week on a new adventure! Ready Set Go uses the nationally recognized Tumblebug Trampoline, Tumbling and Gymnastics Program, designed for specifically preschool age children. Our preschool classes work on various rotations throughout the month including trampoline, tumbling, bars, balance beams, and others.